Defender and Series 3 LED 73mm Coloured Lamp Kit with Flasher Relay.

This kit is simple to fit with 2 securing screws but may require the original wiring to be cut to accept the new light.
Plug and play for Defenders with AMP connectors from 1994 onwards.
- If your Defender is pre 1994 or you have a S3 you may require STC1188 and STC4637 which are available seperately.

8 Coloured Lamps in Kit with Flasher Unit (2 sidelights, 4 indicators, 2 stop/tail)
16 High Quality Automotive LEDs
Multi-voltage 9-33V
73mm diameter
Wipac branded
Waterproof to IP67
E Marked and SAE Approved
AMP connector fitted
Complete with stainless steel screws.

LED lights are polarity sensitive. Land Rover changed the orientation of the positive and negative leads in the indicator and sidelight connectors around 1998. If your vehicle was built after this date you may need to switch the connector pins in the plug. This is very easy to do and only needs to be done on the indicators and sidelights. It is quite safe to try the lights on your vehicle first, no damage will be done to the vehicle wiring or the lights. If you try one of the lights and it does not work, you will need to change the pins around in the connector plugs on the lights themselves. 

Standard Size 73mm LED Lamp Kit - Coloured Lamps