The Classic Inward facing Tip-Up seats have been fitted to Land Rover’s since the late 1950’s and were used in production right through to 2007 when the rear seats then changed to a forward facing design. Though the design in essence never changed through the years.

The Tip-up seats are a simple design thats been proven itself over the years to be a great rear load area seat. The seats fit to the wheel arches and face the centre of the Land Rover so each passenger in the boot faces each other. A typical short wheel base will hold a total of four rear seats and the same for all station wagons even long wheel base.


The seats are very good for retaining the load area space when not in use and as the name suggest they "tip-up” and stowaway on the top of the wheel arches leaving them ready for when next required. 

When the seat is released from the stowaway position they the seat back is a solid permanent fixture its only the seat base that pivots down resting on the wheel arch with the U shaped underside support leg resting in the base of the wheel arch to give the front of the seat support and strength.


The wheel arches vary in height from the wheel arch face to the top of the body capping which the seat back relies on for a solid and secure mounting. To get around this height variant issue, exmoor have developed an adjustable mounting to accommodate this variant.


All our metal work is E.D Plated (electro dipping) to ensure inside and outside of all the metal work is protected evenly before we then Powder Coat on top of this coating again to ensure the best possible result for the rigours of Land Rover life.


We pre-assemble the seat base for an easy to install unit and the seat back brackets will require assembly and adjustment to fit your particular Land Rover. The seats are supplied with all their fixtures and fittings down to a good fitting guide and a stowaway retaining strap. 


We "ONLY” recommend that these seats are used with seat belts.  

These “must” be either a standard lap type belt with adjustment or a good upgrade is to install retractable lap belts which do save the seat belts from being loose on the wheel arches when not in use and retract into their reel housing.

The Lap belt is a standard fitment however if you are using these for youngsters then we do recommend the retractable lap belts as these will automatically adjust to the individual as a retractable belt will (for instance a drivers belt will adjust and lock)


We do “NOT” however recommend in any circumstances that a harness or a 3 or 4 point off the shoulder belts are used they are very dangerous on side facing seats.


We do “NOT” recommend that booster or child seats are used in conjunction with this seats as they must be used on forward facing seating.




    • Defender 110 2000-2007
    • Defender 110 2007 Onwards
    • Defender 110 Crew Cab 2000-2007
    • Defender 110 Crew Cab 2007 Onwards
    • Defender 110 Crew Cab Pre 2000
    • Defender 110 Military
    • Defender 110 Pre 2000
    • Defender 90 2000-2007
    • Defender 90 Military
    • Series II & IIA 109
    • Series II & IIA 88
    • Series III 109
    • Series III 88