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● Engine: Completely reconditioned TD5 Turbo Diesel with all new or refurbished ancillaries. Including 1 year unlimited warranty

● Gearbox: Completely reconditioned 5 speed manual R380 gearbox (Fully Automatic gearbox optional) Incl. 1 year unlimited warranty

● Transfer: Completely reconditioned transfer case. Incl. 1 year unlimited warranty

On top of the TD5 we offer 2 engine upgrade options:

  1. A brand new GM Corvette LS3 6.2L V8 engine with a 6 speed automatic transmission with an output of 450 HP. Including upgraded drivetrain parts such as limited slip diffs and transfer case, upgraded brakes and suspension, heavy duty shafts.

  2. Our brand new High Performance Full Electric Platform

We also offer full Automatic conversions, to a 5 speed box




Every Craftsman Collection Defender that is restored by The Tales of Landrover undergoes the same thorough restoration process - the key to creating the most enjoyable driving experience is starting with a perfect base, this includes:

• A full tear down to the bare metal chassis, no bolt left untouched

• Chassis sandblasted, industrially cleaned, rust treated, and repainted or galvanised

• Body panels stripped down to bare aluminium. Brand new doors and panels incorporated where required

• Body panels separately painted using premium brand paint materials with a multiple layer paint system

* Brand new genuine Landrover seals throughout the vehicle upon reassembly

• Wiring restored or renewed to factory standards where required

• Braking system fully refurbished (upgrades optional)

• Fuel system fully refurbished (upgrades and further tuning optional)

• Fully rebuilt drive line - includes axles, differentials, transfer case, gearbox etc. (further upgrades optional)

• New suspension system - includes shocks, springs and brand new polyurethane bushes for ultimate handling and ride comfort (upgrades optional)

• Refurbished steering system

And this is only the start! Enquire within to begin the process of customising the perfect Land Rover for you.

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