Style. Design. Service

Land Rovers are simple beasts, in essence just metal and bolts, therefore we at The Tale of Land Rover see any vision as achievable.

The most challenging part of the creative process is to keep it simple.

Remove as much as possible, add sparingly.

We work direct with the customers to make sure every detail is planned out. 

The end goal is to always make sure every Land Rover is brought back to a new life while acknowledging their past.

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” Jonathan Swift



After a call or meeting to discuss your requirements and dreams, the Tales of Land Rover will source your dream cars donor car. 

The custom choices the begin:

- You choose your colour

- Upholstery

- Seating options

- Trim

- Wheel/ Tyres

- Lighting

- Plus many custom features available

We work closely with you throughout the build with a photo diary provided along with check in meetings. 

Please reach out to discuss your future build.